ARLEEN STEIN, Certified Laughter Leader*

“Let’s just say that I laughed myself silly and in doing so saved my sanity!”

A Laughter Club? For employees? It was one of those workplace emails that just grab you; Arleen Stein recalls thinking,   "h-m-m, interesting. Why not?"

And so she attended the lunch-hour Employee Assistance Program led by Certified Laughter Leader, Janet Leahey-Daniels. What she discovered is that laughter is indeed the best medicine. Arleen quickly realized that a few minutes of laughter, anytime, but especially at times of high anxiety could changed her attitude and enable her to work more effectively with less stress. “Just one laughter exercise could immediately reduce the tension of the moment.”

That’s when Arleen decided to joined the World Laughter Tour and trained as a Certified Laughter Leader*. Now wherever she goes - using her many personal and professional experiences, as a retired New York State Department of Health planner and Associate Director of several leadership development programs at the University of Albany, School of Public Health, Arleen can bring the benefits of laughter to people of all ages.

Arleen has appeared on
Benita Zahn’s Healthlinks, and was featured in the Albany Times Union and The Metroland.

*Certified by the World Laughter Tour, 2004

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