Laughter clubs are organized around a core step-by-step program where inhibitions melt away and we all laugh together. You don’t even need a sense of humor.

A session includes a “laughter workout” and other activities that encourage playfulness, fun, and mental balance while enjoying the social support of each other.

We’ll discuss some of the benefits of laughter and the concepts of “Good Hearted Living” that can melt away Hardening of the Attitudes.

We laugh for the joy of laughing – without jokes.

A session typically lasts from forty minutes to an hour, but can be longer or shorter – tailored to your needs.

It is adaptable to all ages, backgrounds, languages, (laughter has no accent) and even adapts to various physical and mental (cognitive) limitations.

Laughter Clubs are GREAT for Wellness Programs, Conferences, Educational Events,
Team Building and Social Functions.

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